The world's first Steep Slope Harvester CH 500

Innovation in Viticulture – The first harvester worldwide impresses our clients around the globe.

1 %
1 km/h
Harvesting speed
Meters / 50 min
Ernten in der Steillage
Ernten im Steilhang

The harvester can reap in slopes of up to 75% and as the harvesting head is attached to the crawler only needs a single lane  is required to work in the vineyard. This allows harvesting in terraced vineyards for the first time. Through its long and wide landing gear with a 1,2 m2 contact area the weight is well spread. Thus the ground pressure is lower than the one of a standard tractor. The machine is secured by a winch with 1.500 kg pulling force which is regulated electronically. On his way back up the driver opens the harvesting head and drives along the row.

The machine is equipped with a modern digital control which ensures a consistent harvesting quality. The System includes programs for different grape varieties, a billing system for the contractors as well as a washing system. The settings can be adjusted individually. 

Witness the world's first steep slope harvester in action.

Superior harvesting quality.

The harvesting results impress our clients worldwide.

The perfect harvesting quality is no coincidence. Our harvester’s digital control ensures a consistent quality and has multiple programs for different grape varieties. A well developed belt guide avoids squeezing of the grapes while the triple leaf-separation sorts out unwanted residues. And for those worried about losses – our harvester comes with intelligent air jets as well as collecting pockets the catch your valuable harvest.

Even more great stuff.

The Steep Slope Harvester in numbers.

Sump (depending on equipment)650 ltr. and 800 ltr.
Tipping height tank edge1200 mm
Number of shaking links

2 x 5

2 x 6 (optional)

Working speed, harvesting3 – 5 km/h
Working speed, returnup to 9 km/h
min. land width, harvesting1600 mm
max. climbing performance75 %*
max. lateral slope gradient30 %* (depending on equipment)
length4900 mm
width1230 mm and 1430 mm
height2850 mm
Weight, harvest-unit1550 kg

programming of different harvesting programs

billing system for contractors

washing program

control and alarm function

Camera systemup to 4 cameras (optional)
Parking service 

*Climbing performance depends on ground and weather conditions as well as attachements