The Crawler Operating Machine UT 110

The ANDREOLI UT 110 crawler is specifically designed for the Steep Slope Harvester
and accordingly equipped with pumps, wheel transmission, power take-off shaft transmission
and chassis components.

Manufactured by the Andreoli company in Italy, the crawler is the perfect addition for our harvester. However, the Italian machine is also suitable for other jobs.

Highest driving precision

Intuitive Steering

Dual joystick control ensures maximum driving precision and, thanks to the cruise control, the speed for driving forwards and backwards can be stored as required.

Always everything in sight

Monitoring System

A monitoring system provides the driver with an overview and control of the machine processes. A screen in the cab shows the views from four outside cameras to the driver.

Protection from wind and weather

 Effective Active Carbon Filter System

The driver’s cab is ROBS-approved and protects the driver from weather and climatic influences through modern air conditioning and heating. An activate carbon filter system ensures that dust and pesticides do not enter the cab. The inclination of the Grammer-seat can be adjusted electrically, also providing air suspension to increase comfort when driving.

Wide range of applications

Three point power lift

Da der Vollernter nur ein Anbaugerät ist, kann er innerhalb von 30 Minuten demontiert und mithilfe eines Dreipunkt-Krafthebers montiert werden. Aus diesem Grund kann die Raupe auch für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen im Weinbau verwendet werden. Dazu zählen unter anderem: Vorschneiden, Mulchen, Grubbern, Laubschneiden, Pflanzenschutz, Pflanzfeldvorbereitung und das Pflanzen an sich.

As the harvester is only an attachment, it can be disassembled and mounted within 30 minutes using a three-point linkage. For this reason, the crawler can also be used for a wide range of other applications in viticulture. These include, among others: Pruning, mulching, cultivators, foliage cutting, crop protection, field preparation and planting itself.

The Crawler in Numbers.



VM-R754 IE4 Turbo Diesel

Common rail intercooler

Number of cylinders / displacement4 / 2970 cm³
Rated output80 KW (109 PS)
Max. speed2.600 U/min
Max. torque420 at 1100 U/min
Exhaust gas cleaninglevel IIIB / DOC + DPF
Performance/Power outputs 
Working speed0 – 9,0 km/h
max. climbing performance75 %*
max. lateral slope gradient30 %*
Hydraulic system 
Drivesingle-level hydrostatic drive
Hydraulic enginePoclain
Hydraulic pumpHP
2-circle oil system1x drive, 1x work
Hydraulic power liftKat.l with quick coupling
Control units6x double-acting, 1x single-acting with flow divider, joystick control
Width1230 mm und 1430 mm
Length3200 mm
Height (with air conditioning)2650 mm
Contact area of the chains1930 mm
Chain width300 mm
Tank capacity diesel65 L
Weightstarting at 2750 kg (depending on equipment)
PTO shaft


540 U/min. electr. activation

Winch (optional)winch with hydraulic drive
Pulling forceelectronic regulation, 300-1500 kg
Cable length150 m (optional up to 230m)
Comfort driver seat (Grammer MSG 93) with air suspension and tilt adjustment and integrated joystick control 
Cruise control with electronic pump control and HP pumps 
Partial cabin (front- und back window)optional: full cabin with heating and air condition

*climbing performance depends on ground and weather conditions as well as attachments